Tenant from Hell, floor covered in oil, walls sprayed paint, and rent due.

A landlord posted online about a tenant from hell who purposely trashed his home before they left. The floor was covered in motor oil, the walls and window sprayed paint, piles of trash in the room, and 2 months of rent was due. The story and pictures were posted on Facebook with caption “Tenant moved out after not paying rent for 2 months. The house was covered in spray paint, the floor and walls coated in motor oil, and 6 large piles of trash. 2 six-wheeler trucks had to carry all the trash out. Only evil people would do this”. One of the pictures showed a window with a message from the tenant “I will be leaving now kiss kiss”.


Credit: Sanook


Netizens commented that the tenant is extremely wrong in this case. While many believe the landlord and tenant must’ve had a very big argument or were facing issues against each other. No matter what the cause is behind their actions, the tenant destroyed the home which netizens all agree is unreasonable. The landlord further explained that the tenant is a married couple. The rent is 7,000 THB per month and the place is also used as a motorcycle repair shop.


Credit: Sanook


They have been renting the house for 4 years. The husband was in an accident around the same time Covid-19 hit. The rent was reduced to 5,000 THB and not long after the couple had a divorce. Rent started to come in late every month until it stopped coming in for 2 months. The landlord asked the couple to move out leading to the incident. The landlord stated he has never had an argument with the wife before she hired someone to carry all her belongings out. They always had normal landlord-tenant conversations. The landlord also states the husband has nothing to do with the damage as he has been seriously ill from the accident.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: They never had an argument but the house was completely trashed.


Source: Sanook