Tent full of mold, a holiday nightmare with terrible customer service.

The story was shared online after a family went glamping, this is similar to camping but it is more upscale. You pay for a hotel-styled tent, where the tent and bed will be ready for your arrival. A girl posted her experience on Facebook after arriving at the tent and shortly discovered it was full of mold. The family then went to an employee who told them “stay if you can, if not just take your money back”. The Glamping location took 2 hours to get to, as it is located on a mountain. An argument started and another employee realized what her friend did was wrong so she apologized to the family on behalf. 


Credit: Sanook


The accommodation then offered a different tent that was bigger so the family could all stay together. The new tent had no mold but was located right in front of the public bathroom. The water from the bathroom flowed through right in front of the tent. The post stated “We wanted a slow life trip, camping style. After searching through Facebook we found a waterside tent that had great reviews. They had 13 tents, we could choose any of them so we chose tents that were in a more private area. 


Credit: Sanook


We drove 2 hours onto the mountain and arrived at around 3 pm. The price was 1,700 THB for 2 tents. When we arrived we received a small tent for 2 and a big tent for 4. Then when we entered the first tent it was filled with mold. A member of my family then went to the reception and asked to change the tent. An employee responded, “stay if you can, if not just take your money back”. When I arrived at the reception the employees went into the kitchen located in the back. Even after the tent change, we decided to drive home right away after dinner”. After the incident, the accommodation has contacted the Facebook profile to apologize. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The accommodation took 2 hours to drive to as it is located on a mountain but an employee just told the family to take their money back. 


Source: Sanook