Thief returns stolen motorbike after problems with wife

A THIEF who stole a motorcycle in northeastern Khon Kaen city returned it to the owner and left a message behind saying that he did so because his wife misunderstood that he had got it from a mistress, INN News said today (Sept. 13).

Pol. Lt. Col. Narawat Khamphilo, deputy head of Muang Khon Kaen police station, together with his team of investigators went to check the motorbike which had been parked under a flyover on Mittraphab road with a letter written on a piece of paper left behind for the owner.

The gist of the letter is as follows:

“Dear motorcycle owner,

“I am the person who stole your bike and am the one returning it. Right now I am in trouble with my back to the wall throughout so thought of stealing it but when I reached home I had to quickly go pick up my wife and also knew that an arrest warrant was out of me

“But that is not why I am returning it, I am doing so because my wife misunderstood that I had a mistress.

“That your bike was stolen is because you left the key in the ignition. I plead with you to withdraw the complaint against me, we would then not have any moral obligations.

“That your mobile phone came to me is also because you left it behind and this too I am returning. I hope you sympathize with me.

“A well-wishing thief.

“PS please spread this news to the media as a good example.”

After police took the motorcycle to the station to check , Pol Lt Col Narawat said even though the motorbike owner withdrew the complaint after reading this letter, as this is a criminal case it cannot be dropped and police officers will investigate and bring this thief to justice.


Top: A police officer in plain clothes reading the letter the thief left behind on the motorcycle he had stolen. Photo: INN News