Toady pandemonium on Thai airplane

A TOAD on an airplane? Well, it actually happened, according to a Facebook member who identified himself as Kantinan Gosipong, who witnessed the incident first-hand, reported today (Sept. 26).

Twenty minutes after all the passengers took their seats, a stewardess announced that two passengers had to disembark. After another long wait, the passengers were told that the plane engine had to be fixed.

As the atmosphere became tense, the same stewardess pronounced: “All passengers please open your hand-held luggage and look under your seats. There is a toad on the plane. Please tell us if you find it.”

The panicked toad was eventually found, and evicted from the plane, much to the relief of all passengers.


Top: Passengers of a Thai flight search for a toad (inset) which was later found and evicted. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip