Young woman sweet talks her way out of rape

AN 18-year-old woman who was forced by a robber to speed off with him on her mother’s motorcycle with the intention to later rape, managed to persuade the criminal to set her free, reported this morning (July 18, 2018).

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon at a house owned by a foreigner in Hua Hin seaside town. Mrs A. (assumed name) and Miss B. (also assumed name), who work as cleaners for a company, were assigned to clean it, and just as they were doing so a man wielding a knife suddenly burst in and tied Mrs A to the staircase while forcing Miss B. to drive her mother’s motorcycle and take him away.

Mrs A managed to free herself and rushed out to look for her daughter and fortunately ran into a policeman patrolling on a motorbike. Upon being alerted the police team quickly chased the robber out of fear for the girl’s safety.

Around 3 hours later Miss B called her mother and told her the robber had left her next to Road 11, not too far from the house they were cleaning.

She told the police the robber stuck the knife at her and forced her to drive around into various lanes to find a secluded place to rape her, but she managed to persuade him to let her go which he did before speeding away.


Top: Mrs A talking to the police about the robbery at a house owned by a foreigner in Hua Hin. Photo: