New millionaire takes home 48M THB.

There are new millionaires in Thailand after the Thai Government Lottery Draw on 16 September 2020. The winning number is 244083 bringing in 6 Million THB per ticket, the three-digit prefix is 220 and 127 bringing in 4,000 THB per ticket, The three-digit suffix is 623 and 853 bringing in 4,000 THB. The first prize neighbor numbers 244082 and 244084 will bring you 100,000 THB per ticket. In this story, we will take a look at a new millionaire from the latest lottery draw standing at 48 Million.


The winner with 48 Million THB is a salesman from Chaiyaphum Province. The Khaosod News Team went to visit the winner at the Chaiyaphum City Police Station. Paisarn 36 years old, is a single man working at the Toyota showroom in the main city of Chaiyaphum. Paisarn came to file a report with the police as evidence of his big win. The winner stated that while he was having dinner with a friend at 20.00 on the 15th a lottery seller approached his table. The seller showed the winner his last set of tickets, 8 tickets of the winning number. The seller asked Paisarn to buy the tickets so he could go back to his home in Loei Province. 


Paisarn stated that he felt sorry for the ticket seller as he was also a salesman. The winner purchased the tickets and didn’t really pay much attention because he didn’t even know what the ticket number was. When the lottery draw numbers were announced Paisarn checked his tickets and was shocked because all 8 tickets were winning tickets, each bringing in 6 Million THB a total of 48 Million THB. The winner quickly went to file a report with the police as evidence that the tickets truly belong to him. 


Credit: Khaosod


Paisarn reveals that the money will be used to pay off debt and to his parents for all the good they’ve done for him. Paisarn stated that when you become lucky to not forget who you are. The winner promises to carefully use the money for the security of his future. It is unclear whether Paisarn will continue to work at the showroom as a car salesman. 


FB Caption:  Paisarn stated that when you become lucky do not forget who you truly are.


Source: Khaosod