16-year-old saves fellow student from drowning in Chao Phraya River.

A 16-year-old student saved another student from the Chao Phraya River. The student’s motorbike fell into the river by accident. When the young hero saw this happen he did not hesitate and jumped into the water right away. The student states he is proud of doing the right thing and the school will be presenting him with an award. The story was first shared by TikTok user named “tew2104”. The video went viral shortly after it was posted showing a motorbike driver falling into the water. This student cannot swim but right away someone wearing a black shirt jumped into the water and helped retrieve the drowning person. The video captioned “this friend gave you a new life”. 



The Khaosod News Team went to meet with Peeratorn Naksuk from the River Engineering Group in Ayutthaya Province on 8 February 2023. Peeratorn stated the incident took place at around 16.00. A student was riding his motorbike and was about to drive onto a boat to cross the river at the pier. As the boat started moving the student started his motorbike but it ran into a metal barrier. The student, still on the motorbike, fell into the river. Another student who was in the same boat jumped into the water right away. The boat driver threw down a rope for the pair. Another student who was on the same boat heard that someone could not swim so he also jumped in the water to help. 



All 3 are safe thanks to the courage and good intentions. The news team then went to Chumpon Pom Petch School and met with the students. Pitchayu Prasopmoh 16 years old a student in M.5 equivalent to grade 11 is the hero. Pairin Promrat 14 years old in M.2 equivalent to grade 8 is the second student who helped the drowning student. Pitchayu stated he didn’t even think about his safety when jumping in the water. He only knew the person drowning had to be saved. The student on the motorbike is from a different school and is still recovering from the incident. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The young man jumped into the river even though he knew it was risky. 


Source: Khaosod