Alarm over suspicious packages in Petchaburi

LIFE in Khao Yoi District was disrupted when 3 big suspicious boxes were found at a bus stop gazebo causing EOD unit to close Petchkasem Road before the disposal unveiled a non-hazardous content

At 8:00 pm on Friday October 6, Administration and Crime Control Sub-Inspector Pol.Capt. Mana Prammanee from Khao Yoi Police Station, Phetchaburi Province, was informed by a good citizen about some suspicious cardboard boxes placed on a bench inside a bus stop gazebo on Petchkasem Road (inbound Bangkok).


He then reported the situation to Khao Yoi Police Station Superintendent Pol.Col. Somkiat Chomchai and coordinated with Phetchaburi Provincial Police EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) unit and Sawang Sanpetchayatham Sathan Foundation rescuers for support.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they found three 30 x 25 cm brown cardboard boxes stacked on a marble bench inside the gazebo. Unable to identify the owner, police cordoned off the area for safety of the public.

The sender, found outside the boxes as Beebon Bottle Factory along with its phone number, sent them to a recipient in Khao Yoi with his phone number as well.

The police tried to contact both the sender’s and recipient’s numbers without any success. The local people told police these boxes were left at this place for more than 2 days but no one dared to open them until the police arrived last evening.

Police and Phetchaburi Provincial Police EOD spent more than 1 hour inspecting the packages before deciding to close down Petchkasem road only for 2 lanes of the inbound traffic to Bangkok.

A long rope was used to tie the top box and pulled from a remote distance. While there was no sign of explosion, they were still uncertain if there was any explosive inside the box. Fearing any further movement or transportation may trigger the explosive’s fuse functioning, detonation cord was used to tear open the container.

It appeared that there was no explosive to be found inside the box. Only plastic labels designed for a brand of drinking water. The authorities then opened the remaining two boxes and found that they were filled with plastic labels as well.

Chief of Phetchaburi Provincial Police EOD unit Pol. Lt. Charune Sitthirak told the media that if people took notice of any unusual things such as boxes or bags in places that they don’t normally belong, they should immediately inform the police.

For this case, the local authorities will contact and call on the owner of the packages to be warned of their responsibility over the handling of their packages which, even though they were harmless, could trigger false alarm among the public and create undesirable panic.


Top: The three suspicious boxes that raised alarm in Petchaburi provice.

Inset: One of the boxes ablaze.

By Piboon Awasdaruharote