Drama erupts after 2 girls take home temple’s bulldogs

2 Girls are facing heavy backlash after they picked up bulldogs that belonged to a temple. The girls claim that they had no idea the dogs had an owner and they never had intentions of stealing the temple’s dogs. The girls went to a local police station to show their intentions after receiving online threats. They claimed that the bulldogs were walking by the road with no collars. The problem started when BB and Bobo 2 french bulldogs went missing from Wat Pha Lat temple in Chiang Mai. Weerapong Wiroksitsriwichai the man who gifted the dogs to the temple posted a search for the dogs on his personal Facebook account. 


Credit: Sanook


Witnesses stated that they saw 2 girls carrying the dogs and were walking by the road about 2 kilometers away from the temple. Weerapong went to pick up the dogs at a home in Lamphun Province on 7 July 2020. Saowlak 24 years old one of the girls who took the dogs went to the Chiang Mai Police Station as a sign of her innocence. Saowlak claims that they were driving and saw the 2 french bulldogs walking by the road. The girls understood that the dogs must’ve been abandoned by the previous owner. Saowlak is a dog lover and was afraid they would be harmed so she picked them up and took them home. The girl confirms that both dogs weren’t wearing a collar at the time. 


Saowlak stated that the post used very harsh words and resulted in others understanding that the girls had stolen the temple’s dogs. The post searching for the dogs stated “Notice. Give the dogs back. If you see these dogs call…. They disappeared from Pha Lat Temple, Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai. Please return the dogs. Demons stole things that belonged to a temple before they died. You wouldn’t take normal dogs but chose to take expensive foreign dogs worth a lot of money, low animals would call you their father”. Saowlak is now under a lot of pressure after the story went viral. The post used harsh words resulting in others believing that she is a thief. This incident has affected her work, she does not want to take action against anyone but asks the Facebook user to edit the post or apologize for using such mean words. 



FB Caption: The girls claim that the french bulldogs were walking by the road with no collar. 


Source: Sanook