Neighbor moved into owner’s home for 4 years

A homeowner moved out of his home for 4 years, when he returns the man discovers a neighbor has been living in his home all this time. The home is a mess, with many valuables missing. The neighbor broke down the lock and extended electricity from his home. The homeowner revealed on his personal Facebook that he purchased a home and left it alone for 4 years, at least that’s what he thought. Turns out his home needs a renovation as the next-door neighbor has been living in his home all along. The neighbor is hiding and forces his wife to negotiate instead. The best solution would be to involve the police.  


Credit: Sanook


Facebook user “Maruay Teekatanasakul” posted on 2 October 2020 a warning for all homeowners. He returned after leaving the home alone for 4 years, it was in an unbearable condition. A male neighbor has moved into his home and treated it like it was worth nothing. Many electrical appliances have gone missing including the air conditioner, water pump, and more. Maruay stated “I haven’t been home for 4 years. I returned to find my lock broken. The neighbor connected electricity from his own home and moved in. My air conditioner and the water pump are gone. The home is a total mess, he won’t come out to talk at all and forced his wife to meet me instead”.


Maruay posted a second post stating “Latest update. This morning I returned home again and found the son in law (drives a black car). At first, he wouldn’t come out of the house but the postman came. He finally showed his face and I called him down. The auntie wouldnt answer my calls and I visited their home many times. I shouted in front of the home but no one came out even when the lights were on. After I talked to the black car owner she finally called me. I haven’t filed a report yet because they have grandchildren including a baby.


Credit: Sanook


I hope we can fix this issue without the police involved. Because if I file a report everyone in their home will be affected. They just keep blaming each other. I have a meeting with the police at 15.00, this will probably end with a report as no one is willing to talk. No one wants to take responsibility. I have given them 3 days to contact me and together we can find a solution. I will update again soon”. 



FB Caption: The lock is broken, the air conditioner and water pump are gone, and no one will take responsibility. 


Source: Sanook