2 new millionaires after latest lottery draw.

There are 2 new millionaires in Thailand thanks to the latest lottery draw. The first winner is a grandpa in Chaiyaphum Province who won 12 million THB. The grandpa is 73 years old who revealed he went hunting for tickets with the number 17. Relatives and neighbors went to congratulate the grandpa at his home in the main city of Chaiyaphum on 1 July 2022. Prayut Tanwiset was extremely surprised when he realized the big win. The winner holds 2 winning tickets at 6 Million THB. Prayut stated he needs time to accept the big news. Yesterday he went to a doctor appointment in Bangkok and while returning home he stopped at a gas station.


This is when he purchased a lottery ticket with his favorite number 17. He hoped that at most he would win a small prize. The grandpa stated “The seller showed me 2 tickets with 17. I never hoped to win the grand prize. The first thing I am going to do is pay off my family’s debt. Some are from me and some from my child. A part of it will then be donated to help others. The rest of the prize money will be kept for the future. The grandpa quickly wrote his name behind the ticket and was on his way to file a police report with the Chaiyaphum City Police as evidence. 


This is the latest Thai government lottery draw and the grand prize winning number is 981417. In Thailand the prize is calculated depending on how many tickets you hold. There have been winners who took home more than 30 million THB thanks to multiple lottery tickets. There are also smaller prizes ranging from thousands to the millions. The next winner’s story was shared online by Facebook user “Nichanan Nontree”. She posted the lottery ticket picture and stated “This is Thong..she won the first prize #Party”. Netizens congratulated the winner on her big win. Thong won 6 Million THB with 1 winning ticket. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The grandpa is 73 years old who went hunting for tickets with the number 17


Source: Khaosod