2 Hospital pickpockets arrested.

2 men have been arrested for pickpocketing in hospitals. The 2 men tried to claim that they were relatives of patients in the hospital. When the police showed up they were so scared and flushed gold chains down the toilet. Officials had to take apart the bathroom and look in the sewer system for evidence. Police Colonel Teerawut Tepluen from the Tung Song Police Station in Trang Province along with related officials arrested Ekapan 35 years old and Preeput 32 years old on 12 August 2023. The suspects have been making a living by stealing items from victims in hospitals. Police found evidence including cash and gold chains. 



Ab Sawanglok 67 years old went to file a report one day before the arrest with the Tung Song Police. Someone had gone through her purse while she was visiting her son who is a patient at the Tung Song Hospital. Many personal belongings went missing from her purse. Ab stated the thief had stolen 2 gold rings, 2 gold chains, her phone, and 34,000 THB cash. She placed the purse beside her while sitting near her son. She fell asleep and all her valuable belongings were gone. Police worked fast and were able to arrest the suspects the next day. 



Police requested security footage from Doctor Sutthirak Buakaew, the principle of the Tung Song Hospital. The footage showed 2 men stealing the items. Investigation revealed they are hiding inside a rented home in Trang Province. Both suspects were inside the home and police found 32,000 THB. The suspects were shocked and didn’t know what to do when police showed up so they flushed the gold down the toilet. Officials contacted the Trang Municipality to help bring back the flushed gold. The 2 suspects admit they regularly go to hospitals and steal valuable goods. If anyone became suspicious they just pretended to be relatives of a patient inside. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspects decided to flush stolen gold down the toilet and police had to go find it. 


Source: Khaosod