Trailer-truck knocks house down as owner bathes

A MAN bathing in the bathroom of his single-storey concrete house in eastern coastal Rayong province got the shock of his life when a trailer-truck carrying a road grader rammed straight in and knocked it down, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (March 9).

Mr Kachane Phumsawat, 46, the house owner said he was bathing in the bathroom when he heard a really loud sound so ran out and saw that the trailer-truck had rammed so hard into his house the roof had caved in and the walls too collapsed.

He added that he only got slightly injured while dashing out, having hit his nose against a pillar because it was dark. He also mentioned that it was lucky his relatives and already gone out to sell goods before this startling accident occurred.

The trailer-truck driver, Wicharn Chantrang, 58, from northeastern Udonthani province, was unhurt in this accident.

He told police he was driving from Klaeng to Ban Laeng subdistrict in Mueang Rayong, but because it was raining so heavily and the road slippery, the heavily loaded vehicle lost balance and the brakes too did not work, so he first knocked down a power pole and then smashed into the house.


Top and below: The trailer-truck carrying a road grader at the house it had completely smashed. Photos: Matichon


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